Login failed – rir ainda é o melhor remédio


Como já é hábito Prad Prathivi faz um dos mais engraçados posts relativos aos últimos problemas da grid 🙂

4:39 PM PST] Technicians are currently investigating an issue which may interfere with with in world functionality. Logins have been disabled. Please refrain from transactions and rezzing non-copy objects. Watch the blog for more updates.

[4:40 PM PST] Oh, looks like we just lost teleports too. Sucks if you’re naked in Korea.. mainly because wearing layers just went down. Sorry about that.

[4:43 PM PST] Ummm.. rezzing avatars just went down. If you’re in a free sex sim and trying to work out who’s male and who’s female, your best bet is to check their profiles, guys. Happy humping.

[4:45 PM PST] Nuts.. we just lost profile loading.

[4:54 PM PST] Wow there’s a lot of you online. Try not to crash.. we still have logins blocked. On an unrelated note, we have to restart a few hundred regions. We mentioned teleports are down, right?

[4:57 PM PST] Oooh – it’s almost clocking off time! Don’t worry though.. our team of hardworking slave labour monkeys technicians are going to be here for as long as it takes to fix this mess. Me? I’m staying to give running commentary.. I get paid by the hour! WooT!

[5:01 PM PST] Looks like some of the grid monkeys just left too.. crap. Ummm.. when does Europe wake up, again?

[5:03 PM PST] Panic over – they went to get coffee. And whiskey. And some playing cards. And that looks like a DVD! Looks like this might take a while, then..

[5:08 PM PST] Ummm.. I’ll be back in a bit. I smell burning in the Server room and.. woah..!!!

[5:27 PM PST] God Bless the SFFD.

[5:29 PM PST] Looks like we may have a few engineers out from smoke inhalation, but they’ll be fine. In the meantime, we just lost a few hundred regions. But they were only malls.. no biggie.”


ainda há mais, leiam o resto no Metaverselly Speaking, o blog do autor e se forem como eu fartam-se de 🙂  🙂


6 Respostas

  1. 😆

  2. O Prad tem sempre posts de morrer a rir… aliás é a melhor maneira de lidar com tanta asneira que os LoL fazem. Afinal estamos no SL para nos divertir né? 😉

  3. Rir???

    Entao cá vai disto:

    O Xstreet e o OnRez foram comprados pelos LL…

    “…Dear Xstreet SL merchant:

    On January 20, Linden Lab, creators of the Second Life virtual world, announced that it acquired the Xstreet SL marketplace. We wanted to write to you today to address any concerns you may have and to discuss the benefits this move will offer to all Second Life users, existing Xstreet SL customers or otherwise.

    Fairly early on, Linden Lab saw the inherent value that a web marketplace offers to buyers, sellers and content creators. After watching this industry grow, we recognized that the reach of these services would be greatly improved if they were integrated directly into the Second Life experience. Xstreet SL offers an incredibly advanced, flexible and functional e-commerce platform, and Linden Lab will be leveraging that technology to build out its own marketplace moving forward. This will create one centralized marketplace for all Second Life goods, which will greatly improve search, help drive traffic to inworld stores and enable merchants to market their products to a global audience.

    Okay, so now you’re thinking, “sounds nice and all, but what does this mean for me?”

    Since we’ll be using the Xstreet SL platform moving forward, very little will change for you in the near future. You can continue to purchase items just as you have and your current listings will be there today just like yesterday. For information on what minor changes we’ve had to make immediately, please see our Acquisition FAQ.

    In the longer term, we have plans on how we can better integrate Xstreet SL directly into the Second Life experience. As we move forward with the integration, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the forum on how the Xstreet experience can be improved and what features you could use that currently don’t exist. Your commitment and ingenuity have enabled Xstreet SL and the industry as a whole to grow to this point, we sincerely hope you’ll continue to play an integral role in this next stage.


    The Linden Lab Ecommerce Team …”


  4. Texto porreiro.


  5. Clad, esse assunto dá outro post, mas em linhas gerais:

    – foi feita uma oferta aos donos de ambos os sites, foi aceite, ou seja foi uma compra e não uma apropriação, parece q o negócio nem foi mau de todo;

    – qt ao Onrez confesso q estou menos a par (até porque esse parece q fecha mesmo), mas a compra da Xstreet implica tb a passagem dos donos para os LL (sim passam a ser Lindens, lol),

    – se, e é um grande se, a xstreet for integrada tb como um motor de busca inworld, vai haver menos bots 🙂

    – como é q isto se articula com o fecho da TSL é que me deixa neste momento de pé atrás (não acredito q o controle de conteúdos não tenha nada a ver

  6. Lá se vai a minha Vending Machine da Onrezz com os porcos ( bem que o XLStreet podia ter algo do género para vender os meus posters)…

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